Best RC inkjet photo paper online

Best RC inkjet photo paper, support for RC paper based, multi-functional coating, including ink absorption layer, ink layer and protective layer. To avoid ink feathering, color on color, image quality is better.

In Japan and Europe and the United States, Peng Runxing and cast coated type technology has been eliminated, high gloss on the market, almost all is porous, in addition to the printer manufacturers HP, EPSON, CANON, and Ke do card, Prince, MITSUBISHI and many OEM manufacturers. High speed and high precision photo printer + high color restore pigment ink + high light waterproof gap type inkjet photo paper has achieved perfect matching effect, and has launched a powerful challenge to traditional silver halide photographic paper.

Domestic printing supplies production enterprises, due to the lack of advanced technology, the product quality has a large gap with foreign original, can occupy the low-end market, the domestic inkjet printing RC photographic paper mainly cast coated type and porous type. In the United States, manufacturers, such as Kodak, lucky Yimeijia has the production capacity of the inkjet photo paper manufacturers. Most of the OEM brand for the market, or foreign imports of paper cutting, labeling, as well as foreign B class, C grade paper cutting, sub sales. The original supplies in the high-end market monopoly, greatly improving the printing costs of domestic consumers, but also limits the popularity of inkjet printing applications.

High gloss inkjet photo paper with high gloss and bright colors. The image produced is better than ordinary PVC hard sheet and PP synthetic paper.The thickness of the glossy paper is thicker than the ordinary PVC hard film and PP synthetic paper. It’s basically 220-230. Ordinary PP synthetic paper is 180. PVC hard chips are 160-180. The explosion-proof effect is better.High-light phase paper can be used to strengthen furnace and high temperature.The cost of high gloss paper is lower than ordinary PVC hard film and waterproof PP.

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