Canon semi-glossy inkjet paper 4 x 6-the best inkjet printing paper

Canon’s inkjet photo paper plus gloss 2 is perfect photo paper, with a high quality output gloss. It provides a perfect end to digital photos and all reprints. Canon’s inkjet photo paper with a semi-gloss finish paper with real paper textures. This high-quality inkjet photo paper can produce excellent photos, less gloss and softer surface.

Matte inkjet photo paper produces high quality photographs, graphics and text with sublight. It also applies to more creative USES such as greeting CARDS, display and paper craft. Glossy inkjet photo paper used to print the quality of daily photos and photo LABS. “Daily use” photo paper provides an economical way to make photos of the glossy effects at home.

Canon semi-glossy inkjet paper 4 x 6 50 sheets is the best inkjet printing paper for people who use Canon printers. This specially designed printing paper is carefully prepared by Canon to provide the highest performance and best print quality. This original Canon yabang paper has a velvety texture, which can bring amazing richness to your photos. Photo paper with semi-gloss produces vivid images, low glare and soft gloss finish the quality of the photo lab to print at home.

Matte inkjet photo paper is very suitable to print the quality of photos on the inkjet printer. The printing of your favorite images will look and feel like traditional photos. Microporous design produces unprecedented image persistence and is rapidly drying. For home prints that are comparable to the photo lab, please select a blockbuster inkjet photo paper.

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