China manufacturers produce the best inkjet photo paper

Another consideration is whether to purchase inkjet and laser paper directly from the manufacturer. Again, we’ll say it depends on the importance of printing your documents. Most China manufacturers produce the best inkjet photo paper that they think is the most suitable for printers. If the quality of your files is important, the best way is to work with the manufacturer’s files. But for everyday print purposes, a store brand will do this job well.

The inkjet paper made of the mold usually has a smooth velvet texture, softer than the photo wipes. This makes them an ideal choice for art prints and photographs. Hot embossing paper is super smooth, while cold embossing paper has tiny bulges and grooves that capture ink. Most suitable for pigment printers, which are often thicker than ordinary paper and print only one at a time. The metal paper has a metallic layer between the paper base and the coating, almost always shiny. This helps to increase the highlight and provide more realistic metal theme representation.

Gloss inkjet photo paper, reflecting high print image rich, high definition, dark, bright color. High gloss (or super gloss) highlights these features. Unfortunately, prints on glossy media can display fingerprints and may produce specular reflections under directional illumination.

Semi gloss (also known as “gloss”, “silk”, “velvet”, “Satin” or “soft luster”) is not as good as gloss, but rather glossy. Many of the cheap inkjet paper in this category have a slightly textured (concave) surface, making them less prone to glare and easier to handle.

Matte inkjet paper with flat surface texture, is not affected by the specular reflection and fingerprint. The surface of some matt paper is a little rough, while others are very smooth. The images printed on these papers may look a little flat until they are placed under the glass.

Gloss inkjet paper and semi gloss inkjet paper are more suitable for dye ink printers, because dyes will be absorbed into the surface coating. The best effect in paper matte pigment ink printer, because the surface is irregular small, can capture the pigment particles.


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