Coating notice of inkjet printing paper

Color inkjet printing paper is very different from ordinary paper, which is based on paper as base material, pigment, adhesive and various auxiliary chemicals transferred into the porous coating ink on the surface of base paper, to form a layer of good ink receiving layer of paper surface. The technical specifications of color inkjet printing paper, the raw material of paper and the requirements of its manufacturing process have important influence on the quality of printed matter. The special requirements for raw materials and manufacturing processes for color inkjet printing paper are as follows.

Coating notice

(1) three coating process is adopted
Color inkjet printing paper is best used three times coating process, that is, the first coating of the bottom, second times the surface coating, third times coating, or first coating the bottom, second times coating, third times coating surface. The positive ink receiving layer (including the bottom and surface layer) is coated two times, and it will have better evenness and smoothness. At the same time, if the bottom contact with a scraper (such as scraper, steel wire scraper or scraping roller) coating, and surface layer using non-contact scraper (such as air scraper) coating, then the ink receiving layer will be more smooth and uniform.

(2) the coating machine shall have three coating functions
It is better to produce color inkjet printing paper with a coating machine with three coating functions. If there is only one coating or two coating machine, the bottom and surface shall be coated two times.

(3) coating amount should be appropriate
The amount of dry coating on the ink receiving layer shall be above 8g/m2, preferably 10 to 12g/m2. The coating amount increased, the drop point size becomes smaller, the optical density increased, roundness will improve, helps to reduce the image line penetration and bleeding.

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