High glossy inkjet photo paper 230gsm

Glossy inkjet photo paper
Product specification
1.Apply to all inkjet printers
2.Weight 120g ~ 260g
3.Dimensions A3, A4, A6, 4R volumes
4.Inkjet photo paper

  • Pure pulp, high whiteness
  • The most suitable for full color inkjet printer special coating and advanced printing ink curing technology.
  • Can immediately absorb the ink on the surface of the inkjet photo paper, so that the printing effect of non permeability.
  • Supports high resolution (4800dpi) printers, even small characters, which create print quality at the photo level.
  • Absorb moisture, dry, fast, print text and pictures, will not penetrate the surface of the paper.
  • It has a perfect impact on all brands of inkjet printers.

Glossy inkjet waterproof photo paper is widely used in high resolution offices, home photo printing, business presentations, reports, flyers, designs, business cards, greeting cards and CD covers.
Instant drying
Daub waterproof
2880dpi, bright colors
High brightness
Compatible with all desktop and large format inkjet printers
Weight (thickness): 108gsm to 260gsm (from 5.4mil to 12.6mil)
Size:Tables — 3.5, X5, 4, X6, A6, A5, A4,8.5, X11, A3, A3, +, A2, A0
Volumes — 12, 16, 24, 36, 44, 50, 60, X, 30m, 2200m

High gloss inkjet photo paper 230gsm
Specifications: various sizes: A4, A6, 3R, 4R, 5R and so on
Brand: Inkpad
Our inkjet glossy photo paper includes 130gsm, 150gsm, 180gsm, 210gsm, 230gsm,
The legal dimensions of A3g, A4 are 135gsm (self-adhesive) and 110gsm (self-adhesive).
OEM orders accepted.
1) High Gloss Inkjet Photo Paper (flow coating)
2) water resistance
3) instant drying
4) ultra white
5) photo quality of 5760 DPI
6) apply to print photos, newsletters, posters, etc..

100% waterproof, instant drying, up to 5760 DPI, perfect color, perspective and performance.Apply to dye, ink and pigment ink.Apply to all inkjet printers.Magnetic inkjet photo paper is used to make magnetic stickers that can be attached to various metal surfaces: display boards, refrigerators, automobiles, computers, entrances, metal doors, blackboards, etc.. Use magnetic stickers to mark goods in the warehouse, and hang out notices, warnings, etc in buildings and offices.Welcome OEM order.


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