High quality Inkjet Matte Coated Paper

The SureColor F series has been re invented. The PrecisionCore print head used in the Epson F series printer is the proprietary thin film piezoelectric head, with 720 nozzles per color, providing up to 40 million accurate drops per second. This is two times the amount of ink on the head of EPSON inkjet photo paper, DX6, and DX7 based on MImaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers, DX5.

With the use of PrecisionCore print head, with a new high-density black EpsonUltraChrome DS ink, you can maximize color and quality. EPSON inkjet paper makes dye sublimation printing a reliable economy.Select the Epson SureColor F series dye sublimation printer that meets your requirements.

This machine adopts intelligent inkjet paper through independent research and development of intelligent control, can produce a variety of different sizes of droplets, not only can show the high resolution of 1200dpi, and can achieve higher quality than the same quality in the low resolution printing machine.

Inkjet Drawing paper is a special type of paper used in drawing machines. A plotter is a printing device that can be used with a computer that prints vector graphics. Drawing machines are most widely used by architects, houses, or architectural designers to create their blueprints. They are also used with software programs, such as AutoCAD and other drawing and technical drawing programs, in clothing / clothing production lines.

Inkjet Matte Coated Paper

Usually for low weight, like 95gsm, 108gsm, 128gsm inkjet matte coated paper mainly used toCD Cover, Transfer paper for Mug, some big companys for acount list, and financial statement.For the High Weight Double-Side inkjet matte coated paper, like 180gsm,  220gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, most of the customers use this kind inkjet paper to make the name card.

High Glossy Inkjet Paper

High glossy inkjet paper is one of the most important products of our paper mill in the past 9 years. We sell glossy photo paper to big companies like CASIO, OKI and TESCO, and ODM for EPSON. Now, our factory has 13 coating production lines and automatic cutting machine. We can produce 30000 packs of photo paper everyday. So we can meet the needs of most customers.


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