High quality inkjet photo paper

High quality sublimation inkjet photo paper, which is specially developed for high-speed inkjet photo paper digital sublimation transfer printing.It is suitable for high speed inkjet printing and after printing, the ink dry quickly, it can have a long life of storage after printing and embody the perfect line and print details, the transfer rate could reach 95%. High quality base paper and coating with excellent uniformity and smoothness.

100% sustainable wood pulp, 100% renewable.100% of fiber bleaching, not add brightener, do not contain chlorine, without harmful gas emissions in the process of transfer printing.Mixed double coating structure, support amount 400% saturated print ink film crack, penetration, smoothness good inkjet photo paper, printed on the back of high precision, distinct, wide color gamut.Different surface tension of the ink good compatibility, high tolerance and support industrial-grade unattended operation.The whole picture of error < 2%, drum section and tidy, precision feed, back on both sides of the wet process technology not warp, wet deformation of high strength, large amount of ink high-speed printing deformation, low nozzle without scratches.
High ink absorption ability, quick drying, reduce passive drying, effectively improve the production efficiency, color inkjet photo paper mobile no more pollution, reduce rejection rate High thermal stability, deformation, not wrinkle, paper, high strength, not easy to break Ink with high efficiency and high transfer rate.The difference of color  inkjet photo paper drying time not off color, the color performance is stable.Online control and evaluation system of perfect, stable quality, service, effective coverage radius.

Heat sublimation transfer printing is using sublimation ink, sublimation printer to print image such as portrait, landscape, text etc by reversal way on the sublimation transfer paper, and then heated to a temperature of about 200 ºC with heat transfer equipment, sublimation ink which is on inkjet photo paper will be in the form of gasification into substrates, so as to put the inkjet photo paper on the vivid images to transfer to textiles, porcelain, porcelain plate, metal material of a new technology.

Must use sublimation inkjet photo paper, this kind of ink made of disperse dye inks, it will produce sublimation and substrates with dyeing after high temperature, good quality ink is no plug nozzle, the sublimation ink color is vivid, good stability.Adjust the concentration of the color in the computer, avoid the ink is too dry, need to check the effect of transfer after adjustment.

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