Glossy inkjet paper weighs 270 grams on the market

Simple and elegant pure gold inkjet paper is a traditional RC paper base, inkjet accepts gold layer and applies to base. For photos with “golden” metallic gloss, choose simple, elegant and pure gold inkjet paper. Gold metal like photographic paper makes your prints look more golden in appearance, and adds an incomparable gold element to your photo printing. This unique gold inkjet paper compatible with dyes and pigment ink. Pure gold metal phase paper can be used to slice and reel. Simple and elegant pure gold inkjet paper is not compatible with Canon ink. This piece of paper must be painted and printed.

Metal chromium is a kind of glossy pearlescent metal spray paper with the smallest OBA. Chrome-metallic glossy inkjet paper weighs 270 grams and has a smooth surface. The metal paper is compatible with all water-based inkjet printers and is instantly dry. This metal paper is cool, like chromium and discrimination. Simple and elegant metallic chrome glossy inkjet paper offers various sizes of paper, including 8.5 “x11”, 11 “x17”, 13 “x19” and 17 “x22”.Simple and elegant metal chrome glossy paper can meet the photographer seeking a slight metal surface and the demand of the higher gloss inkjet paper, because the paper looks like a traditional “wet” photo paper, inkjet printer control.

Simple and elegant silver inkjet paper is a kind of traditional RC paper, coated with ink jet sensitive metal silver layer. Pure silver paper has the metallic luster of “silver”, making this paper one of the most unique inkjet paper on the market. If you want to stand out from the competition, try this eye-catching silver spray paper today. Simple and elegant silver inkjet paper compatible with dyes and pigment based ink. Pure silver metal phase paper can be used to cut paper and roll. This article must be painted and printed.

Inkpress metal inkjet paper is 255gsm, 10mil inkjet accepts metal paper. This unique metallic inkjet paper is very suitable for POP display, fashion print, portrait, sports photography and so on. Use Inkpress metal jet printing paper to make your photos more colorful and glossy. Inkpress metal paper will definitely add value to your prints and a unique “wet” look.

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Professional resin coating inkjet paper online

The inkjet paper is made of high quality deinking pulp or chemical slurry. It is required that the dimensional stability is good, not crimping or wrinkling, the surface strength is good, the surface is smooth. Adequate and uniform pores are needed to offset the diffusion of ink. For less quality printing, uncoated copy paper is sufficient, but higher grades require coating. Traditional coatings are not widely used for inkjet printing.

Professional inkjet paper (resin coating) is a kind of photographic quality microporous RC phase paper, which works on hot and piezoelectric inkjet printers, compatible with dyes and pigment base inks, 100% waterproof. Resin coated substrate. Ultra smooth, bright and white surface. High reception ink, achieve excellent color density and stable imaging quality, excellent point control, wide color field and excellent image definition. Instant drying is compatible with all inkjet printers. Apply and waterproof. Dye and pigment ink. Finish the gloss.

This bright white photo RC inkjet paper is very suitable for album and portfolio books, and its smooth and smooth surface provides excellent image quality. This is a high gloss, bright white paper with a smooth surface that is dedicated to generating photo quality printing or your favorite image magnification.This popular glossy inkjet paper has a woven, glossy surface to maximize the color field and give your image a real punch! The canvas stretches and takes shape with 13 “, 17 “and 24” fabrics.

In inkjet paper (coated paper), transparent film and printed on glossy inkjet paper, please make sure the basic TAB of the printer driver on paper or machine menu type, select the appropriate print media. When printing on inkjet photo paper, load the same photo paper in the carton. To this end, the inkjet paper package already contains an extra piece of paper. When using projective film or paper, please remove every piece of paper immediately to prevent dirty or jammed paper. Avoid the surface of the paper immediately after printing. The surface may not be completely dry and may contaminate your fingers.

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