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We are a professional inkjet photo paper mill in China. We can provide glossy inkjet photo paper, RC quality glossy inkjet photo paper and heavy weight ink-jet paper. All paper materials come from Japan and are coated and cut in our factory. We have the best technology in china. We guarantee their best quality, we have the type of 110g, 260g, 230190g, 150240g, etc. in A3, A4 and A6 normal size, special size, you are welcome to ask.

  • Suitable for dye and pigment inks
  • Spraying ink receiving layer or * microporous ink receiving layer plus RC coating. True photography, looks, and feelings
  • The ink is accepted in the desired precise area without further
  • Immediate drying
  • For hot pressing and piezoelectric technology
  • Compatible with most inkjet printers
  • Good line sharpness and image quality
  • Waterproof

The paper should be neatly placed in a clean, cool and dry place.Inkjet paper should be kept away from wet hands, sweat or anything that may cause stains or damage.Be careful not to bend the paper.Print correctly when using.Do not fold or damage the surface while using. In order to ensure the quality of printing, please leave the remaining inkjet paper in the sealed bag.Avoid high temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.

High Gloss Inkjet Photo Paper (painting) 115 ~ 260gsm of our high glossy inkjet photographic paper and inkjet paper and glossy photo paper series: 1. 260gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 2. 240gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 3. 210gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 4. Application of 180gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 5. 150gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 6. 130gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 7. 115gsm high gloss inkjet photo paper 7. double-sided high gloss inkjet photo paper ink support dye ink pigment inkjet printer EPSON Canon HP Lexmark other regional sales of our products covering more than 60 countries and regions the United States, such as Russia, Germany, Czech, India, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina etc.. The feedback is good and the quality can reach the European level. 7. accept your OEM order and accept your OEM product demand in view of our own factory advantages. We have extensive OEM order experience.


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