The highest quality glossy or matte inkjet photo paper from China

Printing photos on cheap inkjet photo paper is an interesting and simple activity. When it comes to printing photo frames, print your own photo albums, school projects, arts and crafts, and so on. Whether you take photography as a hobby or professional photography, the printing on professional inkjet photo paper will provide you or your clients with elegant and unforgettable pictures.

For digital photography enthusiasts, choosing the right inkjet photo paper is an important step in making digital photos look the best on paper. Professional and advanced inkjet photo paper is a bit more expensive than basic glossy or matte inkjet photo paper, but they offer many benefits in terms of quality and convenience. Professional and high quality inkjet paper is an instant drying, super heavyweight, with a brilliant gloss, and guaranteed for the longest duration. The paper is designed not only to be waterproof and dustproof, but also to be able to decompose photo ink over time. For dreamlike photos, choosing a professional or high-quality inkjet photo paper is a worthwhile investment.

Premium inkjet photo paper, each package 4 “x 6”. Senior photo paper than daily glossy inkjet photo paper more expensive, but its high gloss surface looks more like real photos, last longer, and meet the demand of the colour of the digital edit photos. Inkjet printing paper quality, which means it resists aging because it is protected from environmental factors over time. All in all, if stored or displayed properly, you will get a durable, high-quality photo.

We recommend using Premium Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper to print a picture with good color quality. Professional high-gloss inkjet photo paper is the highest quality, super heavyweight and longest lasting, so it is worth the more printing of your best photos. Finally, color resolution and gloss are important. And, if you want to think about it, the longevity of your paper is an important factor.

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