Wholesale inkjet photo paper online

We choose to enjoy the inkjet  photo paper, linen matte, heavy matte, matte canvas, paper and rolls of all sizes, providing sustainable generations of photo quality printing. Look around for the right inkjet paper for your photos.

The use of linen matte inkjet photo paper will add to the print size and texture in your image. This article is made from pure alpha cellulose, free of acids and lignin. Linen and Matt dye and pigment ink compatible, instant dry, waterproof. You can make your ideas very popular through this white paper, because it’s ideal for portraits, landscapes, portfolios, greeting cards and so on.

Matte 30 contains a high water absorbent matte coating, printing for bold talent shows itself. Heavy duty duplex paper is compatible with major brand printers (including EPSON, Canon and HP), and optimized for dyes, wholesale inkjet photo paper, UltraChrome, DuraBrite and HDR ink.Compatible with EPSON, Canon, HP and other flagship brand printers.High ink absorption, instant drying, anti pollution.Reversible matte.For full color graphics, color management and professional make-up certificate.

Media Matte 44 Paper is a kind of high quality paper, both sides have a matte clay coating, provide impressive brightness, making it an ideal choice for high resolution inkjet photo paper. The paper is instantly dry, waterproof, light resistant and suitable for many different photo and graphic applications, such as brochures, newsletters, notices, flyers, certificates and portfolios.

Wholesale inkjet photo paper double-sided polishing with no paper, inkjet coating mainly, can be both pigments and dyes, but also can be used for processing of high resolution printing.Matte 80 instant dry, waterproof light, suitable for investment portfolio, posters, signs and advertising.100% acids and lignin.Maximum archiving.Great posters, logos and commercials.

Matte 60 is a high quality bright, white, matte paper that produces images with impressive clarity, making it a perfect choice for fine arts photography. This article is also very thick and offers a rich sense of look and appearance. In addition, this paper yields very low color spectra, making it an excellent choice for monochromatic photography.


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