Wholesale the best inkjet photo paper from China manufacturers

We sell two brands of waterproof paper, inkjet printer: 1) PuffinPaper, it is the love of wholesale inkjet photo paper and best-selling books; and 2) “weather proof paper”, this is a love for a long time using the print TOPO map and outdoor paper. They are waterproof synthetic paper, similar to thin plastic paper.

Customers include hikers, hunters, firefighters, greenhouses, contractors, police, fishermen, scientists and military organizations. You can use standard ball pen to write these documents. We recommend the use of waterproof pens to achieve the best inkjet photo paper. They don’t accept pencils.

Canon’s wholesale inkjet photo paper, Pro platinum, is Canon’s ultimate solution, high resolution, wide gamut printing. Although the cost is high gloss, surface and reflection, it can bring. When you need every detail and every possible color, this is probably what you want. In fact, until I got senior matte, Pro platinum has been my goto file, because I started to print, but still I want to achieve something, when I need to print a matted framework and most resolution and color.

All our art papers can be printed, but when our national art, which means that the family and the art of this paint, drawings or works of art and not photography, such as paint scanning or watercolor works, in these circumstances, we will go to the total rough art paper and several texture like our paper corrosion or light paper. All these best inkjet photo papers are heavy.

Photo art articles, on the other hand, are better suited for photography, both in the original form and in Photoshop or other photo editing programs. In many cases, changing the photos to black and white or dark brown will provide a retro or exotic image. In this case, our Baryta or silk photography art paper will be surprising because they have a light tibia that looks like the original pictures made 100 years ago. At the same time, the dark, wholesale inkjet photo paper glossy and soft photos made from cotton fibers will provide this picture with amazing richness and luxury

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